18 OCT 2014

Helping the Disabled to get Work

i was personally disgusted by Ed Miliband's attempt to politicise and do actual harm to the work of many good people to try to tackle unemployment amongst the disabled by attempting to smear Lord Freud. The details of what happened are discussed in this post - which is worth a read. Essentially, the...

13 OCT 2014

Girl's Education and Women's Work

Most experts in international development will tell you that the single most effective way of transforming a poor nation's economy is to educate girls and empower women. As described in this article: When a girl benefits, so does everyone in society, including business. Girls as economic actors can bring about...

12 SEP 2014

Help Nosey

Please help Nosey the Elephant. I love elephants - such intelligence, such empathy. They even mourn their dead and remember their friends from decades before. They don't deserve the mal treatment humans have subjected them to - first killing them for their ivory, and second the maltreatment in...


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